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Weekly Live Videos

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Are you ready for the definitive MobileLearners experience?

1. Enriching: ML TV!

Watch live-streamed classes and find out how to answer challenging English, Math and Science questions. Get additional practices in the virtual classroom to apply what you have learnt.

2. Resourceful: Digital Study

Our live classes are recorded and stored in this Library for revision. These videos are organised by subjects for easy reference.

3. Improvement: Self-Study Online Practices

Attempt challenging questions to assess your learning progress. Get instant feedback from our auto-marking feature.

What is ML TV?

It is a weekly broadcast platform for young and motivated learners to watch live teaching videos.

Check out our preview video to find out how to answer the Editing questions for English.

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An all-in-one Digital Study Library

Missed out on our ML TV online lessons? Worry no more. These lessons are recorded and stored in the ML Digital Study Library - a virtual archive for instant access.

Learn how to solve a Math word problem on Whole Numbers using a step-by-step approach.

After watching the video, try out similar Math practice questions to reinforce what your child has learnt.

Self-Study Online Practices

An innovative, resourceful and interesting way to learn.

Buy the 1-year Primary Online Tuition (365 days) programme and discover how learning English, Math and Science topics can be done meaningfully and consistently.

3-Subject Programme

  • Thematic study to enrich your child’s knowledge
  • Practice papers based on PSLE English, Math and Science format
  • Learning videos for illustrative explanation of key topics and concepts
  • Digital Study Guides as reference notes

How to take the Diagnostic Test?

Interested in diagnosing your child’s grades? Follow the simple steps below!


Online Registration

Provide basic information at our website to create an account.


Choose Test

Select your choice of test based on your child’s academic level.


Get Results

View your academic diagnosis immediately and review your child’s performance for each question component.


Online Review

Attend an Online Review with the tutor to get a full report and find out more about your child’s performance