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What is ML TV

Attend our enriching and engaging live lessons conducted by tutors of the MobileLearners Team! Each lesson covers an interesting facet of Primary English, Math or Science, ranging from academic topics to ‘beyond classroom’ subjects.

Simply sign up and purchase our Primary Online Tuition to get exclusive access to these live lessons. At the end of each lesson, your child can attempt a short quiz.

ML TV Schedule





P3 English Grammar Cloze 1 09 June (Wed) 04:30 PM
P3 English Vocabulary Cloze 1 16 June (Wed) 04:30 PM
P3 Science Materials 17 June (Thu) 03:00 PM
P3 English Editing 23 June (Wed) 04:30 PM
P3 Science Animals 24 June (Thu) 03:00 PM
*There will be a live lesson teaching conducted by our tutor.
**If time permits, practices will be done during the live teaching for post-practice discussion.

What if my child is unavailable at the specified time-slots?

If your child is unable to make it for the live lesson, don’t worry. Introducing the Digital Study Library - an archive that stores past live lesson videos and worksheets. Students can login to watch these videos at their own convenience.