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What is ML TV

Are you looking for a suitable online platform for your child to study inquisitively and regularly? Our MobileLearners Team has the right solution for you.

ML TV is a regular online channel for primary level students to explore a wide range of topics to develop the joy of learning. Ranging from academic topics in English, Math and Science to enriching trivia, we engage your child in many ways.

A weekly study schedule for disciplined learning

Every week, your child can login and enter the ML TV to attend the live teaching. Each live session is half an hour. Our aim is to guide young students to develop the habit to study regularly.

A variety of topics to nurture curiosity

Why is the sky blue in colour? How can we use Fractions in real life? ML TV has answers to these trivia. Our video lessons not only cover chapters tested in the PSLE, but also enriching topics.

Practices to apply and review what was learnt

After attending the video lesson, your child can try out short practices to find out whether he or she understands the topics. These practices are in the form of multiple choice or structured questions.

ML TV Schedule

Watch this space to get the latest updates on the upcoming video lessons. Each interactive lesson is conducted by educators from the MobileLearners Team.





P5 English Situational Writing 1 18 May (Wed) 05:30 PM
P4 Math Angles 1 02 June (Thu) 03:00 PM
P4 Math Symmetrical Shapes 1 09 June (Thu) 03:00 PM
*There will be a live lesson teaching conducted by our tutor.
**If time permits, practices will be done during the live teaching for post-practice discussion.

eLearning done effectively, comfortably and systematically

The primary tuition lessons feature additional weekly live teaching, recorded learning videos and eLearning practices. Our comprehensive eLearning platform will keep your child entertained and engaged meaningfully.

Watch weekly live online lessons

Every week, we have a 30-minute video lesson for students to study specific topics based on the Primary level syllabus. Our tutors will nurture your child to develop the self-discipline to study regularly.

Browse and re-watch past live lessons

If your child is not available to attend the live online lesson, do not worry! Our tutors will upload and archive these teaching videos in the Digital Study Library, so that students can re-watch them anytime.

Attempt online practices to review your child's progress

Looking for extra practices for your child to prepare for the examinations? We have subject-specific practices such as Multiple Choice Questions that are auto-marked to get instant feedback.


Rethinking online education

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