Terms and Conditions

You are advised to read and understand the following Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) carefully. By using any of our products (“Products) and/or services (“Services), you have accepted and agreed “(“Agreement”) to these Terms, which are legally bound.

1. General

1.1 MobileLearners is an online learning system owned by MOBILELEARNERS PTE. LTD. (hereinafter, the “Company”, “We”, or “Us”), a private limited company incorporated on 9 March 2017 in Singapore, with registered office at 205 BEDOK NORTH STREET 1, #01-365 SINGAPORE (460205). The Company’s registration number is 201706650W.

1.2 These Terms shall be applied to the free and paid Services, including Primary Online Tuition and Primary Classroom Tuition provided by the Company. These Terms are to be read and acknowledged together with the Privacy Policy and any other relevant policies stated on the MobileLearners website (“Website”).

1.3 The Company holds the sole right to modify these Terms without prior permission from customers (“You” or “User” or “Users”) or the provision of advance notice to You. All Users are expected to check these Terms periodically and be up-to-date on them. All users who use the Products and Services provided by the Company must comply with these Terms, including but not limited to the compliance with these Terms even after alterations have been made.

2. Governing Law and Disputes

2.1 These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore. Any dispute arising from these Terms shall be resolved in the courts of the Republic of Singapore.

3. Services

3.1 The MobileLearners online learning (“System”) Services are rendered on a digital platform whereby Users can access materials developed by the Company to provide students with educational support. Users can register, access and use the Services by MobileLearners, including but not limited to online worksheets and videos, study guides.

4. Account Registration

4.1 To use the Services provided by MobileLearners, Users must create an account. Services provided are either free (“Trial”) or paid (“Paid”).

4.2 Accounts created by the Users shall only contain basic information, such as Name, Contact Number and Password for verification purposes. Users are solely responsible for ensuring that their registration information is up-to-date for marketing and administration purposes while using MobileLearners.

4.3 Upon registration, the Company shall collect personal information about Users, such as but not limited to Name, Contact Number, Email Address, Country. Information collected is subject to the Company’s Privacy Policy.

4.4 Users are solely responsible for the protection of confidential details, particularly your email address and password. Any activity under the registered account will be deemed to have been performed by the User. Should the User provide the Company with inaccurate or falsified details, the Company holds the right to suspend the account permanently.

5. Parental Supervision

5.1 The Services rendered by MobileLearners is available to all students. If the User is a minor, under the age of 18 years and over the age of 7, the User may use the Services under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian. The parent or legal guardian must agree to be bound by these Terms.

6. Security and Payment

6.1 Any financial transaction made on MobileLearners is secure and protected. Any information entered by the User when performing transactions on the System is encrypted to protect the User from unwanted and unintentional disclosure to Third Parties.

6.2 The User’s payment information, including but not limited to credit card information and billing address, is not received, stored by or kept by the Company in any manner. This information is provided by the User directly to the relevant payment gateway that is authorised to handle and process the information provided, in compliance with the regulations and requirements set by the relevant banks and institutions.

7. Terms of Use and User Access

7.1 The Company grants Users the right to access the Services in the System. Users are not permitted to download, modify or copy any part of the System, unless with given consent by the Company. User access does not include any resale or commercial use of the Services and Products, including but not limited to the Study Guides, Online Worksheets, Learning Videos and Online Classes that are owned and developed by the Company.

7.2 Any form of downloading or copying of information, including but not limited to the use of data mining, robots and any other relevant data gathering and extraction tools is strictly prohibited.

7.3 Users shall not use illegitimate means, including but not limited to hacking, phishing or bots, to gain unauthorised access to the System or any related Services.

7.4 Users shall not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit the Services and the System for any commercial use without the consent of the Company.

7.5 Users shall not use any trademark, logo, or any information of the System or Company and/or its affiliates without the consent of the company.

7.6 Users shall agree not to undertake any of the following while using the System or Services by the Company: (a) upload, modify, host, publish, transmit, update or share information through the System that belong to another person and that you do not have any rights to do so (b) upload, modify, host, publish, transmit, update or share information that is harmful, blasphemous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, invasive, hateful racially, libellous or otherwise unlawful in the jurisdiction of Singapore (c) upload, modify, host, publish, transmit, update or share information that infringes any copyright, trademark or patent or any intellectual property rights that violates the law (d) upload, modify, host, publish, transmit, update or share information that is misleading, false or inaccurate (e) upload, modify, host, publish, transmit, update or share software viruses or any type of computer code, file or program that is designed to obstruct, hinder or destroy the functionality of the Services in the System.

8. Media and Communications

8.1 By using the Services in the System, Users have expressed consent to receive calls, emails, text messages or any other relevant form of marketing communications, both in the digital or physical format, from the company at any time.

8.2 Communication made to Users will be made only after Registration has been completed by the User, which will be subjected to the Privacy Policy.

8.3 Users can request not to receive any form of communication by: (a) unsubscribing from our newsletter and/or any other form of email marketing (b) contacting the Company’s marketing team by sending an email to marketing@mobilelearners.com.sg

8.4 Any personal information provided by the User to use the Services and System will be governed by Company’s Privacy Policy. The information is kept confidential and secure from any Third Party.

9. Termination of Use

9.1 The Terms will continue to apply to Users until termination has been made either by the User or the Company as set out below.

9.2 Termination of legal agreement with the Company may be done by: (a) Notifying the Company at any time (b) Closing your account to cease the immediate use of Services and System, where the Company has made this option available

9.3 The Company may at any time, terminate its legal agreement with the User if: (a) there is a breach of any provisions of the Terms (or the Company has found that the User have acted in any matter that shows that there is no intention or unwillingness to comply with the Terms); or (b) the Company is required to do so by the law of the Republic of Singapore; or (c) the provision of Services to the User by the Company is no longer commercially viable

9.4 Nothing in this Section shall affect the Company’s rights regarding the provision of Services under Section 9.3 of the Terms.

10. Limitation of Liability

10.1 All Users are subject to the overall provision in this Section, in which they have read, understood and acknowledged that the Company, its subsidiaries and affiliates shall not be liable for the following: (a) Any direct, indirect, incidental or exemplary damages that may be incurred by the User. This includes but not limited to any loss of profit, loss of goodwill or business reputation, loss of data or any other intangible loss; (b) Any loss or damage incurred by the User, including but not limited to the loss or damage as a result of: (i) any changes that the Company may make to the Services or for any permanent or temporary cessation in the provision of the Services; (ii) deletion of, corruption of, or failure to store any content or any other communications data maintained or transmitted by or through the use of Services by the User; (iii) failure to provide the Company with accurate account information and the failure to keep your password and account details secure and confidential;

10.2 The limitations on the Company’s liability to the User in this Section shall apply whether or not the Company has been advised of or should have been made aware of the possibility of any such losses arising.

11. Copyright and Trademark

11.1 It is the Company’s policy to respond to any notice of alleged copyright infringement that comply with applicable local or international intellectual property law.

11.2 Any User found to have infringed on the copyrights and any relevant intellectual property rights of the Company shall face termination of account with immediate effect.

(Last updated on 22 April 2021)