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The Creative Writing experience

Discover the joy of writing.

At MobileLearners, we incorporate eLearning into the Creative Writing tuition. This is to ensure that students have an added component to acquire the skills of reading and writing in innovative ways.

Class Activities

What do we do during the Creative Writing class?

The cultivation of Creative Writing skills is achieved through a step-by-step approach. The following are some examples of what we will do during the Creative Writing lessons, which are either held online or at the tuition centres (Bishan or Bedok).

Describing characters and settings

We teach your child to describe characters and settings vividly. Our classes are structured in such a way that your child will know what are the key components, such as appearance, behaviour, emotions.

Then, we put it all together in different scenarios so that your child has the room to innovate and create all sorts of characters.

Creating diverse scenarios for story writing

The possibilities are endless. We encourage your child to ‘think out of the box’ by coming up with a variety of ways to alter a familiar fairy tale or story. Then, through class participation, your child will present his or her version online or in person.


Instilling confidence in imaginative and young writers

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