What MobileLearners can do for your child?

Features of our Primary Tuition programme.

Primary 3 to 6 students can either attend the class online or at our tuition centre. Classes are held twice a week, covering English, Math and Science. Also, students can use the eLearning system to study and practise online.

Live teaching with enriching class participation

To understand the topics and concepts well, students will share their views and discuss with the tutors during lessons. Through active engagement, your child will be more confident and proficient.

Hybrid classes to suit your child’s preference

Your child can either study at our tuition centre or online based on his or her preferred format. Our lessons for both formats are held at the same time. Your child can learn at his or her own convenience.

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Learning effectively, comfortably and systematically

The primary tuition lessons feature additional weekly live teaching, recorded learning videos and eLearning practices. Our comprehensive eLearning platform will keep your child entertained and engaged meaningfully.

Watch weekly live online lessons

Every week, we have a 30-minute video lesson for students to study specific topics based on the Primary level syllabus. Our tutors will nurture your child to develop the self-discipline to study regularly.

Browse and re-watch past live lessons

If your child is not available to attend the live online lesson, do not worry! Our tutors will upload and archive these teaching videos in the Digital Study Library, so that students can re-watch them anytime.

Attempt online practices to review your child’s progress

Looking for extra practices for your child to prepare for the examinations? We have subject-specific practices such as Multiple Choice Questions that are auto-marked to get instant feedback.


Let the videos do the talking

Find out why ML TV will shape your child to become a motivated learner.

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How can we support your child’s study efforts?

MobileLearners offers two types of study programmes to suit your child’s learning objectives.


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