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Primary English Tuition

A comprehensive study programme for young learners.

MobileLearners offers Primary English Tuition for Primary 3 to 6 students. These classes are either held at the Bishan or Bedok tuition centres or online. This ensures that students have the flexibility to match their learning preferences.

Self-Study (Basic)

Free access to all keen learners.

At the introductory level, we have free learning resources and practices for students who want to get a preview of what MobileLearners is all about. For English, there are 9 themes and a revision set.

Within each theme, we will explore different topics and attempt practice questions based on the PSLE format. For instance, there are multiple choice questions like Grammar MCQ, Vocabulary MCQ and Visual Text Comprehension.

Self-Study (Pro)

An immersive experience.

For those who are looking for a more complete learning journey, parents can enrol in the Pro version, which features written practices, such as Composition and Situational Writing. These practices are marked by our English tutors for post-practice feedback.

In addition, students who sign up for the MobileLearners Regular Tuition will get full access to the Pro version as well. The regular tuition classes are held weekly for progressive study. Browse our schedule below to find out more.


A exam-smart way to learn English

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