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At the primary level, it is crucial for your child to grow in a conducive study environment. MobileLearners strive to cultivate inquisitive thinking and resilience so that students have the capability to gain knowledge and apply them effectively.

Attend weekly live lessons at ML TV

The ML TV is set up as a virtual platform for tech-savvy learners to sit in and study a specific topic from the English, Math or Science subject every week. Fundamentally, we seek to nurture your child to develop the self-discipline to study regularly.

Complete self-study online practices

To prepare for school tests and major examinations, your child can attempt topical practices that are auto-marked by our ML system. Over time, we have added more practices to make sure that students have adequate exposure to the variety of questions featured in assessments.

Regular Primary Tuition

For keen students who require additional tutor support, we have the regular primary tuition programme that offers weekly classes held either at our physical centres or online.


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