Simple Past Tense

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Learn more about Simple Past Tense to understand this aspect of English Grammar.

What is Simple Past Tense?

It refers to an action that was completed in the past. It can be something that was done recently or a long time ago.

1. Expressing verbs in the past tense form

For normal verbs, we add “ed” to the end of the verb. Here’s an example:

“Maggie listened to popular music online last week.”

In this case, we add “ed” to the root form of the verb “listen” because this action was done in the past.

As for verbs that end with an “e”, add “d” to express it in the Simple Past Tense. Let’s look at another example:

“Christine danced at the ballroom yesterday.”

For this sentence, we add “d” to the root form of the verb “dance” as this activity was done in the past.

2. Using Simple Past Tense to describe the frequency of an action

In another situation, we also use Simple Past Tense to describe how often a certain action is carried out. Let’s try one example:

“Aunt Tina often walked her dog at the park.”

In this case, “walked” is used to describe this action being done repeatedly in the past.

3. Exceptional cases

Did you know that there are words that are the same when used with Simple Past Tense?

These words include:

- Cut

- Put

Let’s look at an example to understand its application:

“The hairdresser cut Sarah’s hair two days ago.”

This sentence describes how Sarah’s hair was cut in the past.

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